SSF Super Duplex Fastener Spec

SSF Duplex/super duplex fastener spec

From being part of the original Zeron 100® trials back in the 1990’s, SSF’s understanding of Duplex/Super Duplex has grown with the demand for the material.

SSF have developed its own standard for the production of Super Duplex and Duplex fasteners, which enables us to deliver the best quality product available in the market.

SSF specification includes various high level tests performed from the heat treatment load itself, or on request, make the test individual to your required product. These can include:

Corrosion test, Impact test, Microstructure test, Ferrite test, and mechanical testing.

When heating Duplex’s you must avoid prolonged time in the critical temperature zone as this encourages Nitrides, Carbides, Sigma, Chi to name only a few. This is why at SSF we use the latest technology to quickly heat through this temperature zone and automatically remove from the heat source when the monitored temperature reaches its optimum level for forging, we then rapidly water quench (minimising the risk of detrimental phases before heat treatment makes the treatment itself much easier to perform). Next comes the Solution Anneal in our specially designed Heat Treatment furniture which encourages optimum air and water flow, again making the treatment easier. Not satisfied with just a solution treatment we rigorously test every load before de-scaling machining and finally acid pickling.

Download our Super Duplex Fastener Specification