High Nickel Alloys Bolting

High Nickel Alloys
Alloy Common Name Related Specification
    British European ASTM UNS
Alloy 600 Inconel 600 ® BS 3076 NA 14 2.4816 B166 N06600
Alloy 601 Inconel 601 ®   2.4627 B166 N06601
Alloy 625 Inconel 625 ® BS 3076 NA 21 2.4856 B446 N06625
Alloy 718 Inconel 718 ®   1.4668 B637 N07718
Alloy 750 Inconel 750 ®   2.4669 B637 N07750
Alloy 400 Monel 400 ®  BS 3076 NA13 2.4360 F467 N04400
Alloy K500 Monel K500 ®  BS 3076 NA18 4.4375 B865-04 N05500
Alloy C276 Hastelloy C276 ® 2.4819 B574 N10276
Alloy 22 Hastelloy C22 ® 2.4602 B574 N06022
Alloy B2 Hastelloy B2 ®
B335 N10665
Alloy X Hastelloy X ®
2.4655 B572 N06002
Alloy B3 Hastelloy B3 ®
2.4600 B335 N10675
Alloy G30 Hastelloy G30 ®
2.4603 B581 N06030
Alloy 50 Nitronic 50 ®
A479 XM-19 S20910
Alloy 60 Nitronic 60 ®
A193 B8S S21800
Alloy 75 Nimonic 75 ®
  2.4951 B637 N06075
Alloy 80A Nimonic 80A ® BS 4882 NA20 2.4952 B637 N07080
Alloy 90 Nimonic 90 ®
B408 N07090
Alloy 800 Incoloy 800 ®
BS 3076 NA15 1.4876 B408 N08800
Alloy 800H Incoloy 800H ®
Alloy 800 HT Incoloy 800HT ® 1.4959 B408 N08811
Alloy 825 Incoloy 825 ®
BS 3076 NA16 2.4858 B425 N08825
Alloy 925 Incoloy 925 ®
B805 N09925
Alloy DS Incoloy DS ®
BS 3076 NA17 1.4862 N08330

SSF’s substantial experience in working with high nickel alloys bolting is crucial as they are extremely difficult materials to machine and can require various forms of additional treatment to ensure full conformity. Related by their high percentage of nickel in their composition, these highly corrosion-resistant materials are widely used in the petrochemical and offshore sector, and are often better known by their registered trade names (e.g. Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Monel® and Nimonic®).

Inconel® bolting

We produce inconel fasteners in several grades. Inconels are austenitic nickel-chromium superalloys. They are used in extreme environments, often in gas turbines, nuclear reactors and natural gas processing plants.

Hastelloy® bolting

Hastelloy bolts & nuts can be most effective under high temperatures and corrosive environments, with high stress resistance.

Monel® bolting

SSF manufactures Monel fasteners in A400 and K500. Monel grades are nickel-copper based alloys and have high corrosion resistance and strength properties. They are often used in valves, pumps and heat exchangers.

Incoloy® bolting

SSF produces various grades of Incoloy bolts & nuts. Another of the superalloys, it is used in extreme environments.

Nitronic Bolting

Nitronic grade fasteners have excellent corrosion resistance properties and strength. It has low magnetic permeability and excellent cryogenic properties.

Other material groups:

Super Duplex
Stainless Steel and others

Types of Fastener in Nickel Alloys

  • Hexagon Bolts and Set Screws
  • Studbolts
  • Nuts
  • Socket Cap Screws
  • Engineer Studs
  • Socket Countersunk Screws
  • Socket Setscrews
  • Hexagon Nyloc Nuts
  • Washers
  • Machined Parts